Is my programme for you?

The Female Formula is my 6 month, online programme for 40-something women who want to lose weight, feel strong, fit back in their clothes and feel like themselves again.

Maybe you've got some really stubborn tummy fat that just won't shift?

Enjoy exercise but it's not changing your body shape?

Or maybe you've tried hundreds of plans at this point and you need a sustainable life-change, not a plan?

This isn’t your typical ‘’eat less, exercise more’’ approach. You’ve probably done that before and are looking for something different. Well good news! There's a spot for you in The Female Formula.

Why The Female Formula works

It’s a specific approach to nutrition, exercise and lifestyle, with female hormones and metabolism at the heart.

We work together to find exactly what your unique body needs using my 4M method – Metabolism, Macros, Mindset and Menopause/Menstrual cycles.

The reason you’re not getting results is because one or more of your 4Ms is out of whack.

Why it’s different

Unlike most programmes which are made for men, you’ll be learning how to work with your female body, at the phase of life you’re in.

I’ll take you through my 4 body transformation phases: Burn, Boost, Balance and Build.


You won’t be doing anything unsustainable. We focus on nourishing your body, and fuelling your metabolism, so your body learns how to lose weight and feel good again.

To achieve a body over 40 which is slim, healthy and energetic, I use my 3 pillar approach:

1. Macros

This means eating enough protein, fat and carbs to get your metabolism working and enable you to burn fat and build muscle.

Most women are only focussing on ‘’eating healthy’’ and that’s not enough to get a result.

So I’ll help you understand how to balance your calories and macros to get the body you want, without doing anything drastic.

2. Resistance training

Resistance training is a non negotiable over 40, to boost your metabolism and tone up. Plus it massively improves your body confidence.

Many women put too much focus on cardio, which isn’t effective for losing fat, or they’re lifting weights already, but not in a way that gets their body to change.

I’ll show you exactly how women should workout to lose weight, keep it off and tone up at the same time. 


3. Mastering Your Mindset

I give you the exact mindset strategies I have used myself and with hundreds of clients over the years.

I'll help you let go of ‘’all of nothing’’ behaviours and limiting beliefs that are sabotaging you. 

In The Female Formula...

My clients will typically lose 5-10kg, tons of inches, become stronger than they’ve been in years, fit back in their clothes and feel like themselves again.

Within The Female Formula, you can expect to:

  • Lose 5-10kg & tons of inches, so you can wear whatever you want and feel awesome.
  • See definition in your body, so you feel sexy and confident - even naked!
  • Feel strong and capable, so that you can do anything you want. 
  • Sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed, so you can look forward to the day ahead.
  • Feel your food cravings disappear, so you're not reaching for comfort food.
  • Reduce PMS and menopausal symptoms, so you feel stable, calm, and in control of your body.
  • Have better periods, so you can get on with life without the fear of cramps or heavy bleeding.
  • Have consistent energy all day, so you can get more done and feel like you’re winning.
  • Restore your metabolism, so you can eat more, exercise less and lose tummy fat.

You won’t find prices listed on my website as I’d like to speak to you first, so I can fully understand the issues you’re facing before I invite you to join the programme.

I’m not the cheapest nor the most expensive coach, because my priority is bringing you value and results.

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