"I lost 6 inches from my waist and found balance with food"

  • I help women in their 40s lose weight, get strong, have more energy and feel great in their body. I do this by:
  • 1. Using only female-centred practices
  • 2. Mindset coaching
  • 3. Building sustainable, long term strategies

I have a unique approach called The Female Formula, where we use female centred strategies for exercise, nutrition and lifestyle. Whether you're a menstruating woman, or menopausal, I tailor to your phase of life. I combine this with mindset coaching, for lasting change.

This means weight loss becomes easier, energy returns, and menstrual cycle and menopausal issues disappear.

Let's chat about your goals and the roadblocks that are in your way...

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Hi, I'm Amy 👋

I think women have been fed the wrong message for years and I’m here to break the status quo.

In my past, I’ve been overweight, skinny and absolutely shredded. I’ve had eating disorders and hormonal imbalances, which led me to begin my own healing journey from the inside out.

Since then I've trained hundreds of women over 11 years to lose weight, feel healthy and get to where they want to be.

My mission is to show women there's a way to look and feel great, without hours of exercise or doing restrictive diets.

Most of the health plans out there are designed for men - who don't have the massive hormonal changes women do.

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  • Hormone & Metabolism Expert
  • Personal Trainer
  • Nutrition Coach

Does this sound like you?

  • In your 40s and your tummy fat is more stubborn than ever
  • Enjoy exercise and eat healthily but aren't getting the results you want
  • Tend to be "all or nothing" and give up when you can't be perfect
  • Your energy crashes throughout the day and you have trouble sleeping at night
  • You have PMS, period problems or menopausal symptoms

My clients will typically lose 5-10kg in 4-6 months, become stronger than they’ve been in years, have consistent energy throughout the day and feel like themselves again.

Without cutting out carbs or doing cardio 5 days a week!

The Female Formula is my proven method for achieving these results. It's a holistic approach for long term weight loss, while feeling good.

Client Success

My clients have finally been able to lose the weight they’ve been trying to shift for years. They’ve broken free from the ‘’all or nothing’’ mindset, self-sabotaging behaviours and all the fad dieting rules.

Instead, my clients have learnt how to optimise their hormones, reboot their metabolism and master their mind. Weight loss became easier, more enjoyable and crucially, sustainable.

"I love working with Amy. She understands my thoughts, feelings, needs and has so much knowledge to share. I wish i’d learned this stuff years ago!"

- Sarah, Bristol

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During this free 30 minute call, we can get a clearer idea of what you want and what's stopping you at the moment. This is the best way for me to understand your specific goals and the roadblocks getting in your way. We can see if we’d be a good match together!

If I think you’re a good fit for The Female Formula, I can share details of what it would look like for us to work together and I can answer your questions about the programme.